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Canadian National Stock Exchange Exceeds Key Milestone

201 Securities Listed on CNSX- the Exchange for Entrepreneurs

CNSX Markets Inc. (operator of the Canadian National Stock Exchange or “CNSX”) is pleased to announce the listing of the common shares of Innovative Composites International Inc. (ticker symbol: IC) and Rift Valley Resources Corp. (ticker symbol: RVR) on Friday August 23, 2013.  These stocks are, respectively, the 200th and 201st issues listed on CNSX.  This marks the first time in its history that CNSX has exceeded 200 issues concurrently listed on its exchange.  Innovative Composites is also the first company to take advantage of CNSX’s current fee discount programme for companies switching their listing from another Canadian exchange.
Richard Carleton, CEO, stated “Given the current corporate finance challenges for early stage and established companies, the CNSX model is gaining traction with public companies.  They can spend less money on maintaining their listing, leaving more resources and time to invest in growing their businesses”. 

CNSX has listed 24 securities to date in 2013, representing a broad spectrum of industries and instrument types, and is on track to record its largest share of the new listings market since inception in 2003.  CNSX has grown its number of listings by more than 5% this year; most equities exchanges around the world have seen their number of issuers decrease during 2013 to date.   In the last three months alone, CNSX has listed common shares, convertible and plain vanilla debentures, and structured products. By listing on CNSX, these companies are taking advantage of the exchange’s enhanced disclosure and streamlined regulation regime:

Maintain market access and liquidity on a transparent auction market for Canadian investors - the only Canadian exchange to offer free real-time data via Google Finance 
Management and administrative time is saved by operating within CNSX's enhanced continuous disclosure environment
Costs and overhead are contained by virtue of CNSX's flat monthly maintenance fee - no additional fees for filings, ordinary course transactions, or a percentage charged of new financings raised for the company by the Exchange

James Black, Director of Business Development with CNSX Markets’ Vancouver office said, "Breaking 200 listings is a great milestone for CNSX and I think this is a clear signal to listings on other Canadian Exchanges that there is a growing and viable alternative listing venue here in Canada." 

The listing process on CNSX is straightforward and readily attainable for public companies that meet the exchange’s listing requirements for public float, working capital or revenues. Listing requirements and forms are available on and exchange staff known for their customer service can be contacted by email to

To learn more, email us at or visit and on Twitter @CNSX_News

Real-time quotes and company information are available at 

For further information please contact:

Robert Cook, Senior Vice-President Market Development (416) 367-7349

James Black, Director Business Development (778) 383-7694

About CNSX Markets: 
CNSX Markets Inc. (“CNSX”) is a Canadian company established in 2001 that operates the Canadian National Stock Exchange. The company was recognized as a stock exchange by the Ontario Securities Commission in 2004. CNSX provides listing and trading services to a wide range of Canadian and international issuers by offering low fees and innovative continuous disclosure features designed to minimize regulatory costs while improving the quality of information available to investors. With more than 200 securities listed, and 88 participating dealers, CNSX is an attractive and growing venue for issuers of equity and debt securities from all business sectors.



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