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CNSX and RM Communications Inc. Launch Service

CNSX Markets Inc. and RM Communications Inc. launch service for public companies.

February 25, 2009 -

RM Communications Inc. [RMC] and CNSX Markets Inc. announced today an agreement whereby RMC will become a non-exclusive provider of strategic communications services to companies listed on the Canadian National Stock Exchange [CNSX].

RMC will create and manage enhanced communications services to assist CNSX listed companies in providing shareholders and investors up to date news in an efficient and easy to implement manner. By using RMC’s proprietary systems companies will be able to send out news automatically to their wire service, their website and their email database of contacts in a targeted and integrated fashion.

A feature of the agreement is that companies will be able to “test drive” at no charge for a 90 day period RMC’s mass emailing service that resides on a secure server established by RMC for public companies. Additional value added services, including custom websites, will be available from RMC to CNSX listed companies.

 RMC Managing Partners Al McLellan and Shaun Ruddy expressed their pleasure at being chosen as a CNSX approved services supplier. “CNSX is Canada’s only exchange that offers 3rd party arm’s length service providers like ourselves the opportunity to provide a variety of investor communications services to listed companies without having to compete with the exchange directly” said Mr. Ruddy. McLellan added that RMC had worked very hard over the last number of years to ensure its tools and software met or exceeded the requirements of Canadian and USA regulators and lived up to RMC’s motto of One Source, One Responsibility. “We do more than just build multilingual, compliant websites; we understand corporate governance, technical reports and the nuances of SEDAR, SEDI and the SEC”, he said.

CNSX President Robert Cook stated, “CNSX was attracted by the fact that the system is ISO and AOL approved as a non spamming public corporation mass emailing system, meaning your news gets to the recipients that want it. Companies can collect investor/shareholder data through a subscription form on their website and then send targeted qualified emails to investors and shareholders. In addition companies will be able track email delivery providing them with statistics on which investors or investment professionals have shown interest in the news of the company.

” RMC currently represents over 40 companies the majority of which are publicly traded. With offices in Toronto and Vancouver, and scheduled visits to Montreal and Calgary, RMC is well known and received by the financial-brokerage community in Canada and the USA and has working relationships with all of Canada’s leading newswire services to ensure press releases are posted to Client websites in real time. For more information contact: RM Communications Inc.

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The Canadian National Stock Exchange is operated by CNSX Markets Inc., a family of innovative securities markets. CNSX believes that technology and competition create better, more efficient markets for investors and issuers. CNSX Markets also operates Pure Trading, the first alternative market in Canada to offer a competitive electronic continuous auction market. CNSX was recognized as a stock exchange by the Ontario Securities Commission in May, 2004 - the first new Canadian stock exchange in over 70 years. There are currently over 100 securities listed on CNSX and there are 80 investment dealers across Canada approved for direct access to both Pure Trading and CNSX.

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