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The Canadian Securities Exchange Signs Memorandum of Understanding with Taipei Exchange

The Canadian Securities Exchange Signs Memorandum of Understanding with Taipei Exchange

Nov. 26, 2015

The Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE) announced today that it has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Taipei Exchange (TPEx). The agreement is designed to further development of securities markets in Canada and Taiwan, encourage the sharing of information, and foster new opportunities for the exchanges and their respective issuers. The MOU was signed on Wednesday, November 25, at the Taipei Exchange.

"We are delighted to formalize a relationship with the Taipei Exchange that will promote cooperation on a variety of topics important to both of our organizations," said CSE Chief Executive Officer Richard Carleton. "The CSE is one of North America's premier platforms for emerging companies and with securities markets becoming increasingly global, a close rapport with TPEx stands to benefit issuers and investors in both countries."

Mr. Chi-Hsien Lee, the president and CEO of TPEx, said "The TPEx values the close relationship with the Canadian Securities Exchange which gives our exchanges the opportunity to share knowledge in the interests of co-operation between the exchanges in areas including cross-listing of companies or structured products. The similarity of the two exchanges in terms of fostering SMEs or emerging companies and technology is made this MOU highly meaningful. The TPEx would like to explore diversity and innovation of services and products and trading momentum that would mutually benefit both markets."

Under the terms of the MOU, each exchange will designate a representative to be responsible for facilitating cooperation and coordinating efficient exchange of information. Near-term topics for discussion are expected to include market stability and cross-listing opportunities.

About the Canadian Securities Exchange

The Canadian Securities Exchange is the only exchange providing trading and market information services for all securities listed in Canada. Recognized as an exchange by the Ontario Securities Commission since 2004, the CSE facilitates the capital formation process for public companies through a streamlined approach to regulation that emphasizes disclosure and the provision of efficient secondary market trading services. The exchange is home to 310 issues covering a broad range of industry sectors.

About the Taipei Exchange

As one of the securities exchanges in Taiwan, the Taipei Exchange has long been dedicated to assisting high-tech, innovative, small and medium enterprises, or micro enterprises to become listed and to raise capital from a comprehensive range of investors. The TPEx aims to become a multi-functional, multi-tiered, and full-fledged exchange that offers a Main Board for listing, an Emerging Stock Market (ESB) for pre-listing preparation, a "Go Incubation Board" for micro and small enterprises, and a "Gofunding Zone" that matches sponsors with innovative ideas.



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